Social Storytelling

by Robin

Social storytelling is suitable for anyone who enjoys a group environment which includes stories, performance, conversation, and reminiscence.

When telling and sharing stories with groups, I use a conversational, interactive style to encourage my audience to feel included in the storytelling process. Their comments and reminiscences are welcomed. 

Building a connection with the audience is an essential part of my performance. It is always interesting to talk with people about the stories I tell and listen to what they have to say. I am also very happy to stay on for a cup of tea and a chat afterwards.

My background and experience as a librarian and visual artist, enables me to research and present stories in ways which are captivating to the mind and senses. I hand make many of my storytelling aids and have built an interesting collection of found and vintage objects, puppets and props.

I use my body and voice together with props, puppets and costumes to engage and entertain. I always bring special items, which relate to the story in some way, for the audience to pass around, touch and look at. These objects further help to bring the subject matter to life. 

I also use the technique of making drawings on paper, to illustrate the story in real time, which is both interesting and exciting to watch.

My stories have clear narrative plots, with strong characters, twists, humour, emotional tension, cute animals, adventure and sometimes  a bit of magic. All stories are fundamentally positive or uplifting giving opportunity for pleasant curiosity and reflection.

I have a broad repertoire of stories, including:- real life stories, folk tales, mythology, fairy tales, fables, short stories from literature as well as historical and human interest stories relating to society, culture and events. I can improvise impromptu stories on the spot! I am always open to suggestions and requests from you and your residents.

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